Three generations of women leaving their mark

The Pattens are synonymous with Red Energy Arena, with three generations of women from the family serving the community here at the stadium.

On International Women’s Day 2024, it’s the perfect time to celebrate their remarkable contribution.

The story begins with Kaz Patten, who joined our team 18 years ago after previously working in early education.

“It’s been a great place to work,” she says.

“I particularly enjoyed my 12 years in Gaming and the engagement with our patrons, especially the elderly. I’ve worked with awesome colleagues and had great support from management.

“At Bendigo Stadium Limited (BSL), females are given the same opportunities as men.”

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Career opportunities

Kaz’s career has progressed over the years, and she now serves as Risk and Compliance Manager.

The next generation is also in an important position here at Red Energy Arena – after 12 years with our organisation, daughter Cass is a Payroll and P&C Support Officer.

“I started out as a casual waitress and then stuck around – it was a fun job,” she says.

“I worked nights in Gaming, which was perfect with my daughter Abby as a young child. Abby used to come to work me at 4pm and wait until Kaz finished at 4.30pm and go home with her.

“It made the ‘mum juggle’ easy, but before I knew it over a decade had passed and I had moved into the Finance team, now Payroll/HR.

“It does feel like there is one of us in the building at all times!”

Third generation continues the story

Cass’ daughter Abby is no longer a young child, but instead embellishing the family story at Red Energy Arena in her role as canteen supervisor.

Abby is also showing the same leadership abilities demonstrated by her mum and grandmother, recently being elected Bendigo’s Youth Deputy Mayor.

“It’s been nice watching Abby grow from a young child, to saying when I’m old enough I want to work in the canteen – and she followed through!” grandmother Kaz says.

A shared workplace has created a special opportunity for the Patten women to support each other.

“It wasn’t the plan to all work in the same place – I suppose it is a mini work village,” Kaz says.

“We try not to take work home, but it is nice to share something great with each other that happened at work or have support if you need to vent.”

Count this family in

Cass is keen to highlight the support she has received from Red Energy Arena while raising a family.

“BSL offers flexible working arrangements, from varied start and finishing times to work from home options,” Cass says.

“My two-year-old comes for a work visit on Thursdays and entertains/disrupts the office for 10 minutes.

“Working at Red Energy Arena also provides us the opportunity for easy access to the Iddy Biddy Ball program for my toddler.”

And the family agrees this year’s IWD theme of ‘Count Her In – Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress’ is appropriate.

“I think ‘Count Her In’ says it all,” Cass says.

“This signifies the essential need to ensure women are included and valued in all aspects of society.”

The Pattens are certainly valued and appreciated by all of us here at Red Energy Arena.

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