August 25, 2024

Bendi-Con is Bendigo’s Pop Culture Extravaganza.

It’s Bendigo’s own comic convention, by the fans, for the fans!

One action packed day of comics, toys, pop culture, artists alley, fan groups, cosplay, stage presentation, special guests, and more!

Please note in addition to Red Energy Arena standard conations of entry the Event Specific Conditions of Entry for Bendi-Con are listed below:


  • Cannot promote:
    • Illegal drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Weapons or firearms
    • Activities that may appear dangerous or unsafe
    • Activities that represent any particular political agenda or message
    • Offensive or indecent messaging or images
    • Any form of hate or hate group;
  • Cannot depict or be in violation of any law/s
  • No fabric alteration equipment can be brought inside the venue (this includes sewing needles and scissors)
  • If clothes or costumes are deemed unacceptable or inappropriate, the attendee must modify their costume or change clothes as requested by staff.


  • Any costume masks or facial coverings attendees plan to wear at this event should be easily removed (and removed if requested by staff or security).


  • No prop weapons of glass or metal construction can enter the venue
  • All prop weapons must have blunt edges
  • Any real or convincing replica weapons aren’t allowed. Please refer to state laws about acceptable prop weapons for public exhibition
  • Any items that cannot reasonably be identified as a prop weapon by a member of the public, will not be permitted inside the venue
  • No prop weapons can be used in combat play

Please respect other patrons if choosing to bring in any items that make noise or display lights.  Anything that makes smoke effects is not permitted in the venue.

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